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Trover Solutions Celebrates 25 Years of Success

August 13, 2013    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Trover Solutions, a leader in outsourced subrogation and cost containment solutions for the healthcare and property & casualty industries, is celebrating our 25th anniversary this August. Back in 1988, Trover started with a vision of maximizing results for healthcare payors and becoming  the leading subrogation provider to all of the top carriers. Twenty five  years later, that vision has been realized and has expanded. Today, Trover Solutions has services in the healthcare industry for not only traditional subrogation but also …

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Arbitration; Is It Right for Your Case?

May 23, 2013    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

 Author: Dwayne Hart, JD, CSRP, VP Operations TransPaC Solutions

A subrogation case is typically handled by an adjuster whose goal is to reach a settlement between both parties. In some cases one or both parties will not agree on a settlement so if both parties are members of an arbitration forum then the case will be referred to arbitration. Arbitration is a way for two parties to have their dispute heard by a neutral third party person(s) in order to provide …

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Landlord / Tenant Subrogation: Are You Protected?

April 30, 2013    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Author: Dwayne Hart, JD, CSRP , VP Operations, TransPaC Solutions

Landlord–Tenant law is a part of the common law that details the rights and duties of landlords and tenants. It includes elements of both real property law (specifically conveyances) and contract law (Wikipedia). Each state will decide subrogation rights of the landlord or if the tenant is considered co-insured by means of some variation of the Sutton Rule.

The Sutton Rule comes from an Oklahoma State Court of Appeals Ruling from 1975 and …

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Can Selective Use of Outsourcing Produce Better Net Recoveries?

March 29, 2013    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Author: Sam Cooper, SVP TransPaC Client Solutions

If you work solely within the automobile insurance business and have dedicated resources for subrogation recovery, the answer to that question is probably no.  However, for insurers of other areas, such as workers’ compensation and property and casualty, the question may require careful analysis and testing alternatives in order to reach an accurate conclusion. Many claims executives find it difficult to accurately measure the true costs and performance of their subrogation recovery practices and …

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Benchmarking Subrogation Results

February 7, 2013    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Author: Sam Cooper, SVP TransPaC Client Solutions

Every business strives to be the best at what they do. Some claim to be the best in their field but how do they know? In subrogation, fact based benchmarking of recovery results is a good way to measure success. Benchmarking results can be challenging and requires that key metrics are in place in order to measure recovery results accurately.

Key Metrics
In our experience, some key metrics that must be monitored on a consistent basis …

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Workers’ Compensation – Pieces to the Subrogation Puzzle

December 3, 2012    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Author: Sam Cooper, SVP TransPaC Client Solutions

In a workers’ compensation case, the examiner’s primary focus is to determine compensability of the injured worker’s claim for benefits. If it is determined the injured worker’s claim is compensable, determination of liability will come next. Determination of liability requires specialized resources, such as experienced investigators, and can take time to prove. In workers’ compensation cases, subrogation determination is left up to the examiner. Keep in mind, the examiner’s main focus is to get …

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Workers’ Compensation Identification

September 17, 2012    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Author: Gary Liter, Executive Vice-President, TransPaC Solutions

We’ve learned through experience that identifying auto subrogation cases is relatively straight forward; someone rear ends your car, it’s obviously their fault. But it isn’t always that simple when identifying subrogation opportunities in other areas, such as workers’ compensation. Industry experts know that the key to above average recovery performance in all lines of business is to find all potential subrogation files. Sounds easy, but is a challenge in a …

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The Heart of the Subrogation Storm

August 1, 2012    |    Filed under: Uncategorized

Author: Gary Liter, Executive Vice-President TransPaC Solutions

In the last year and a half it seems that Mother Nature has unleashed her fury in every possible way; tornadoes, hail storms, flooding, wild fires, tropical storms…all striking states across the nation in record proportion. Some would say that this has been the worst year in history for such catastrophic events, and carriers that rely on front line adjusters to identify subrogation opportunities might agree.

Settling an insured’s claim in a fair and …

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